Fuel prices set to fall

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The price of a litre of fuel could reduce to the £1 mark - or even slip below the psychologically important barrier - in the coming weeks delivering further savings to fleets.
The price of a barrel of oil has fallen to $40.40 - its lowest price since February 2009 - paving the way for another round of pump cuts and making the sight of £1 a litre at the cheapest forecourts ever more likely, according to RAC. It expect pump price reductions of around 2p a litre in the next fortnight. 

Keeping personal data safe

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Fleets are being urged to ensure personal data is removed from electronic devices in vehicles in the wake of a survey of members by the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA).
The volume of vehicles entering the remarketing process and still containing personal data - notably on multi-media systems and satellite navigation devices - has highlighted a widespread concern that security is still an issue for the sector.
The survey reported that 90% of respondents felt there wasn’t enough clarity and understanding around personal data security protocols and the associated procedures for its removal prior to the vehicle resale.

The dangers of driving dehydrated

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DfT research indicates taht about 440 people are killed and almost 6000 seriously injured every year in crashes involving someone driving for work.  It is important that drivers understand how small impairements can have a massive effect on their ability to drive safely.

The human body loses and needs to replace 2 to 3 litres of water on a daily basis.  However everyone is different and there are a lot of factors such as weather, activity etc. that influence dehydration rates.  A Loughborough University study shows that even mild dehydration is equivilant to being over the drink drive limit in terms of driver error.  Driver education programmes should encourage appropriate hydration practices.