Consolidated view essential for fleet management

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Companies need to have a central view of mileage and business travel expenses by setting a mileage limit and emissions baseline whilst identifying any driver and vehicle issues, according to Matt Dyer, vice chairman of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).
He was commenting in response to last week’s BVRLA report on Britain’s 14 million-strong ‘grey fleet’ amid claims that the associated costs were “invisible” to UK company bosses (see

Hands free as distracting as hand held??

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New research from psychologists at the University of Sussex has found driving while talking on a hands-free phone can be just as distracting as talking on a hand-held mobile. 
As a result, road safety charity Brake has renewed its call for the government to ban all mobile phone use when driving.
Dr Graham Hole, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Sussex, said: “A popular misconception is that using a mobile phone while driving is safe as long as the driver uses a hands-free phone. Our research shows this is not the case. Hands-free can be equally distracting. The only ‘safe’ phone in a car is one that's switched off.”

HGV like regulations for LCV's??

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Moves by the European Commission to impose HGV-like regulations on the light commercial van sector have been condemned.
The Commission has launched a 12-week consultation (to 15 September) about changes to operator licensing which pose a range of questions about the way key pieces of transport legislation work and how they could be changed.
It is the first of three consultations impacting on the sector and among the key questions asked in the consultation is:

•Should the threshold for legislation such as operator licensing and cabotage - the haulage of goods for hire or reward in one member state by a vehicle registered in a different member state - which currently apply to vehicles used for hire or reward over 3.5 tonnes, be lowered and what implications would this have?