City of London cuts speed limit from 30 to 20 from 20 July

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The speed limit on most of the City of London's streets was reduced to 20mph from Sunday 20 July following public consultation on the measure earlier this year; the measure aims to reduce road traffic casualties in the City by 7 per cent (approximately 30 per annum).


CCTV spy cars to be banned as parking enforcement method

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The Government has announced that CCTV spy cars will be banned as a method of parking enforcement. The move comes after calls from FTA and motoring organisations for Government to recognise that CCTV is being used as an inappropriate and over-zealous method of enforcement. However, FTA did not support an outright ban as there are some locations where CCTV is the only effective method of enforcement, for example outside schools and in bus lanes, and the announcement confirms that CCTV enforcement will still continue in these locations. The ban will become law through the Deregulation Bill, following a three-month consultation.

Adult passengers - biggest in-car distraction?

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Adult passengers are the biggest in-car distraction for drivers, a survey of 18,026 AA members reveals.

Nearly two out of five AA members (38% of the AA-Populus poll) say their attention has been significantly diverted by other people in the car, ‘old’ technology and ‘new’ technology in the past 12 months.

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