Shellshock not a threat to Jaama systems

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You may have seen the recent news about the security vulnerability known as “Shellshock” which is believed to affect around 500 million servers worldwide. 

As Jaama’s systems utilise a completely Microsoft based environment using Microsoft Windows, IIS and SQL Server, our software and systems are unaffected.

The Bash “Shellshock” vulnerability only affects UNIX systems and their derivatives (Linux, OS X etc.) and does not affect the Microsoft technology stack used by Jaama.

'Stop-go' approach to road maintenance criticised

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The Government’s “stop-go” approach to road maintenance has been criticised by an influential group of MPs.

Margaret Hodge, chairman of the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts, said surveys showed that public satisfaction with the condition of the nation’s road network was at a record low.

The greatest problems are in London and the South East, according to the Department for Transport.

Tyre Safety Needs Higher Priority

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Almost half (44.1%) of fleets only check their tyres once a quarter and almost a third (29.4%) of fleet managers do not know how often their drivers are checking their tyres, according to research by WheelRight.

The UK-based tyre pressure monitoring solution provider conducted a poll of more than 100 fleet managers which revealed “some concerning statistics” around tyre pressure monitoring.