Adult passengers - biggest in-car distraction?

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Adult passengers are the biggest in-car distraction for drivers, a survey of 18,026 AA members reveals.

Nearly two out of five AA members (38% of the AA-Populus poll) say their attention has been significantly diverted by other people in the car, ‘old’ technology and ‘new’ technology in the past 12 months.

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Crack down on drug driving gets closer

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Tough new measures to crack down on drug driving have moved a step closer after the Government issued new guidance to healthcare professionals.

The new offence of driving with certain controlled drugs, including some prescription drugs, above specified limits is due to come into force on 2nd March, 2015.

The guidance helps doctors and nurses start explaining the new rules in advance of the launch to reassure those patients who take prescription drugs that they will be able to drive safely without fear of being prosecuted.

De-fleeted car values rise by 6%

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Prices of de-fleeted cars at auction strengthened during June, according to the latest Manheim Market Analysis.

After a softer May, June’s figures show that the market is on the rise. The average selling price for de-fleeted vehicles has increased by £412 (from £6,964 to £7,376) between May and June this year.

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