Go Plant Fleet Services has rolled out Jaama’s Key2 fleet management system to administer its 3,100 commercial and specialist vehicles, and 600 items of plant.

Key2’s ability to replace Go Plant’s disparate legacy systems and move its contract hire and rental operations onto one consolidated platform was the main reason Jaama was chosen as its supplier partner.

Following the acquisition of Go Plant by Endless LLP in 2017, one of the top priorities was to implement a business solution platform to efficiently manage its vehicles, plant, drivers, contracts, billing and generate dynamic management information for customers.

Phase one of its implementation went live at Go Plant’s contract hire division which included Key2’s contract hire, vehicle management, quotes, workshop and stores, SMR, rental, customer dashboard and all financial modules.

The vehicle rental and operated plant hire business goes live in phase two later this year. It includes the driver management, full stock processing, accident management, driver management and plant modules, while there are also plans to roll out workshop touchscreens to technicians.

Rhianna Greaves Go Plant group IT manager

“Key2 demonstrated that we could adopt a system to manage our cars, commercial vehicles and plant with the same rigour on one platform which we didn’t know was going to be achievable,” said group IT manager Rhianna Greaves.

“It’s not just improving things from an operational perspective, Key2 provides us with a full end-to-end solution which includes finance integration. The finance and operational teams are now using the same platform for the first time which brings full cost transparency to every step of our business processes,” she added.

60 main users and 85 employees in total have been on boarded to operate Key2 via training seminars, video tuition and a series of user guides written by the Jaama team. A train the trainer approach has also been adopted and regular workshops have been held for end users.

With its sweeper drivers working in demanding environments such as highways and construction sites a focus on Health and Safety and compliance was also a key consideration when finding a new fleet management system.

“A major benefit of Key2 is that it gives us the ability to store electronic records on our vehicles, and track MOTs in real time across our fleet which has been key to delivering vehicle compliance, particularly during the pandemic. We can now also record warranty related claims and follow them up with dealers.

“The most powerful feature is the Key2 reporting tool. When customers request bespoke reports, these can be quickly and efficiently generated. Everybody has management information at their fingertips, and it is helping us learn more about key areas of our business such as vehicle lifetime operating costs. This will have a positive impact on our future procurement and pricing,” said Greaves.

Go Plant road sweeper