Fleet managers reap benefits of web-based IT revolution – Courier Direct September 2006

IT literate fleet decision­ makers are waking up to the fact that today’s vehicle management systems can seamlessly interact with other software to improve operating effectiveness.  Web-based software means that fleet operators don’t need to manually input everything from a driver’s name, a number plate, and a fuel purchase to a vehicle service.

“Fleet decision­makers are becoming increasingly software savvy and they understand the importance of choosing technology that can integrate with systems operated by other company departments, such as HR, payroll and finance, and can also be accessed by drivers,” said Jason Francis managing director of fleet software and occupational road safety experts Jaama .

Choosing a software system – Fleet News August 2006

I AM a company secretary in charge of 20 company cars. I would like to introduce an IT system to manage the fleet. What sort of package would be best?

THERE are numerous software providers and vehicle management systems available to manage a fleet of your size. Compile a list of key requirements and then contact suppliers for information. Factors to consider include :

Don’t forget driving abroad rules – Fleet World August 2006

Corporately responsible companies must make sure that employees travelling abroad in company cars or in privately-owned vehicles on trips know the rules of the road in the countries in which they are travelling, warns Jaama. From Andorra to the Ukraine in Europe, driving laws are very different to those in the UK and an awareness […]

Software solution for tachographs

AS FLEETS STRUGGLE to deal with the complex task of downloading, analysing and acting upon data from digital tachographs, fleet software specialist Jaama is offering a solution. Jaama has spent £1 m developing its Key2 Vehicle Management system, which enables the downloading and dissemination of digital tachograph data without personnel intervention to a single database […]

Seperating Business From Pleasure – Fleet World July 2006

Jaama’s internet-based Key2 Vehicle Management system integrates with an organisation’s own intranet to allow drivers to log-on and keep and day- by-day record of journeys, business mileage and fuel expenditure.

Jason Francis, managing director of Jaama, says: ‘This method is changing attitudes and processes by getting the drivers to own the responsibility of capturing their mileage which brings a number of benefits.  ‘Jaama’s Key2 Vehicle Management software enables companies to set their own business rules so that drivers, irrespective of whether they are at the wheel of a company-provided vehicle or use their own private car on business trips, can feed in data to meet individually set timetables.  

Jaama sign up to the European Road Safety Charter – Fleet News June 2006

FLEET risk management and software company Jaama has signed up to the European Road Safety Charter. The charter is one of the main European Commission initiatives to reach its overall objective of halving the number of road fatalities by 2010 under its Road Safety Action Plan. Signing up shows a commitment to promoting occupational road […]

Age law warning for fleets – Fleet Week June 2006

Software and safety firm Jaama is warning fleets to make sure they are following best practice on upcoming anti-ageism regulations for company drivers. The regulations, due to come into force on October 1, ban ageism in the workplace and are most likely to affect the way fitness levels are measured, relat­ing to drivers. Jaama boss […]

Business Car Conference – Fleet Week May 2006

The RAC Foundation’s boss Edmund King called for an independent body to oversee the start of road charging amid increasing government distrust.

“They’ve got to set up an independent body and then move away from it,” said King. “If you look at Ken Livingstone in London, he said the charge would stay at £5 for 10 years; two years later it’s up to £8, now there’s talk of doubling it to £10. How can people trust politicians when they see what’s happening in London.”

King also called for a system to take fleet operations into account when setting up a charging system. “We don’t want to see a repeat of the problems fleets have had in London,” he said.