New Green Fuel Pump Label Campaign Launches

Drivers will start to see new fuel pump labelling on garage forecourts to inform them about 'greener fuels' and prevent incidents of misfuelling with the launch of a Government campaign.

Fuel retailers have until September 1 to implement the new fuel labels, which promote the benefits of biofuels.

Roll-out of the new fuel pump labels comes as the All Party Parliamentary Group for British Bioethanol calls for the UK-wide introduction by next year of E10, a new ‘cleaner and greener’ petrol containing up to 10% of renewable ethanol. The fuel is already widely available across Europe, the United States of America, Australia and many other parts of the world.

  • Renewable fuels - such as ethanol and biodiesel - reduce overall carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, says the Department for Transport, and help the UK meet its climate change targets.
  • The new petrol pump label always uses a circle and the diesel label a square.
  • The petrol label contains the letter E - standing for ethanol - and a number indicating the maximum renewable ethanol content, which is currently 5%. Hence the new petrol label is E5.
  • The new diesel label contains the letter B - standing for biodiesel - and a number indicating the maximum biodiesel content, which is currently 7%. Hence the new diesel label is B7.

There are also labels for other fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas - a diamond shape displaying the letters LPG - and hydrogen - a diamond shape displaying H2.

The Government held a public consultation on how and whether to introduce E10 to the UK last year and is due publish its response in the second half of 2019.