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Having abolished the driving licence counterpart, penalty points are no longer shown on driving licences.  They are however held at the DVLA on the drivers record and can be checked online

Licence2Check from Jaama is a simple to use, instant on line web based electronic driver licence checking service with the DVLA.

Driving licence checks using Licence2Check from Jaama can help ensure your drivers are correctly licenced to drive vehicles on company business and give you an accurate record of drivers endorsements and penalities.

Jaama is an active member of the ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification) - promoting and encouraging best practice within our industry.


  • Instant 'real time' licence checking
  • Paperless management with eConsent - drivers can remotely give permission for you to check their licence
  • Direct, secure, web based feed to the DVLA - fully data protection compliant 
  • Fully auditable checking history
  • No costly set up fee - pay per check
  • Stand alone service or full integration into Key2 Vehicle Management
  • Help meet duty of care responsibility under HSE guidelines
  • Full driver risk profiling
  • Individual or batch checking

  • eConsent is a convenient method for drivers and associated drivers to accept or decline requests from their employers or vehicle provider to perform driving licence checking utilising Jaama’s licence checking service.

    Jaama currently provide a number of Driver Licence Checking services to its customers using services provided by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency).

    The DVLA have introduced a new licence checking service which allows organisations to perform instant licence checks.

    Jaama is required by the DVLA to receive and hold valid consent from a Driver before performing any licence checks. This was previously a manual process and required a D796 form to be completed and held on file.

    The eConsent service allows your drivers to accept or decline consent for licence checks using a secure web-site rather than filling in paper forms. Once your drivers have given consent, it will be valid for 3 years from the date of consent or until consent is revoked or no longer required.

  • Periodic checks will be carried out at a frequency of your choice, which will return the following details:


    • Licence commencement date
    • Licence expiry date
    • Vehicle categories permitted to drive
    • Restrictions
    • Conviction dates
    • Offence dates
    • Offence code
    • Current endorsements
    • Points
    • Disqualification until date
  • With over 400,000 drivers without valid driving licences using UK roads and nearly 1 million drivers close to losing their licences, how can you be sure?


    • Do you check your drivers DVLA licence on a regular basis?
    • Do you check that your drivers' photo cards are current?
    • Do you have a copy of the drivers' photo card on record?
    • Are name and address details correct?
    • Do you check the licences of spouse drivers?
    • Do your drivers inform you of new offences?
    • Do any of your drivers have a medical condition affecting their ability to drive?

    You must ensure your drivers are legally entitled to drive their allocated vehicle/s and be fit and able to do so.

  • The Road Traffic Act 1988 clearly states that as well as being an offence for a driver to drive without a valid licence, it is also an offence for a person to permit a driver to drive without a valid licence.  If you are letting drivers drive on company business without checking their licences, you could be liable.

    • Responsibility and liability for this area within your business could in a court of law, be deemed personal rather than corporate. 
    • Typically, the ultimate responsibility resides with the Company Secretary or sometimes another director. 
    • On a day to day basis, the management of this process may fall under the remit of the Fleet Manager, HR Manager or even the finance department.
  • As a minimum, drivers' licences should be checked prior to employment or before they drive on company business and then periodically thereafter until employment ceases.
    • Jaama has a proven cost effective, comprehensive and fully managed driving licence verification service
    • The whole process is delivered on-line including either eConsent or the storage of signed Driver Mandates; by law a mandate has to be signed or consent given by each driver whose licence you wish to check.  This can be done electronically via eConsent
    • Jaama significantly reduce the administrative burden related to the checking of drivers licences, saving you money and enabling key  personnel to focus on core business activities
    • Whether you have 5 or 5000 licences to be checked, Jaama offer a secure web based solution, delivering results directly from the  DVLA database instantly
    • Jaama can collate, analyse and report on information such as vehicle usage, fuel consumption, driver performance and licence  checking details and statistics in accessible, meaningful management reports.  This enables informed decision making with regard to  driver training, vehicle choices etc.
    • Complete audit trail of driver information and licence checks carried out helping toward occupational road safety duty of care  compliance
    • Our service is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act
  • What if the driver has points on their licence?
    The amount of points, combined with the accident history of the driver could determine the risk of the driver.  It is recommended that the higher the perceived liability of the driver, the more frequent their licence should be checked.

    Is just looking at a drivers licence and taking a photocopy enough?
    The paper counterpart is no longer valid, therefore a visual check is not enough.  The only way to be totally sure is to verify each drivers licence against the DVLA database.

    I just haven't got the resource to check all of my driver’s licences as often as I should
    Using process driven proactive licence checking software from Jaama removes this administrative burden. 

  • I have drivers in HGV's, vans and cars.  How can I ensure they are licensed for the vehicles they drive? 
    When the licence details obtained from your drivers are submitted to the DVLA for checking, the results returned include categories and restrictions of vehicles that each driver is licensed to drive.  If any of the returned details do not match the data stored you will be notified

    I employ temporary and seasonal agency drivers; some on a regular basis e.g. at least once a month.  Do I have to get there licences checked every time they commence work? 
    You can stipulate to the agency that a recent licence check must have taken place, however in the event of an incident you would still be responsible for that driver if they were driving for you.  As each 'consent to check' or signed mandate is valid for 3 years, the driver can be risk profiled and have their licence checked as requested by you over that 3 year period.

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