Contract Hire and Leasing - The Continuous Evolution

Contract hire and leasing companies need to constantly improve and widen their product and value added service portfolio to compete in the ever-evolving competitive industry in which they operate.

Previously, some leasing companies would spend vast amounts of time and financial resource developing in-house systems which would quickly become obsolete without continued investment.
An increasing number of contract hire and leasing companies across Britain and overseas are recognising that they need to take a different approach and obtain their software from a supplier that will support their evolving business to avoid them being left behind.

The decision of leasing companies to use the Key2 software platform underlines Jaama’s status as the number one provider of the most technologically advanced business solution for vehicle and asset leasing businesses. Key2 is both technologically advanced and very configurable which enables our customers to operate on a standard system which can be kept up to date with regular service packs.



Jaama’s commitment to the ongoing development of Key2 means that it remains at the cutting-edge of delivering smart customer facing technology and administrative efficiencies for contract hire and leasing companies. 

The wide range of leasing companies using Key2 includes: Days Fleet, JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions, Merrion Fleet Management, Seven Asset Management and Total Motion Vehicle Management. Jaama is also currently implementing Key2 as a complete business solution for two ‘FN50’-listed contract hire and leasing companies.

Those companies are in addition to a wide range of other customers - public sector operators, fleet management companies, logistics and utility companies - that were won during 2016 increasing the number of assets managed by Key2 Vehicle Management to collectively more than 950,000 vehicles.

Demand for Jaama’s industry-leading asset and driver management software rocketed in the UK and internationally in 2016 with revenues up 18% year-on-year.

The continuing evolvement of Jaama’s Key2 system in the past 12 months has included:

  • Introduction of the Key2 V5C Suppression module which enables fleets opting into the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s V5C on Demand service which negates the administratively cumbersome need to keep a paper version of a vehicle’s registration certificate or log book.  JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions was the first contract hire and leasing company to utilise this module.
  • Re-engineering of Key2’s vehicle quotes module to provide an enhanced, more responsive and consistent user experience which includes ‘search as you type’ functionality. 
  • Improvements to the Key2 user interface including the ability to personalise search criteria and data display lists by user.
Jaama has increased its investment in software development year on year, which keeps Key2 at the cutting edge of innovation and is set to continue.

New initiatives include:
  • Further development of Key2’s vehicle quotes engine enabling selection and filtering of columns not only by asset type but by many other key factors including engine size and CO2 emissions.
  • Key2’s established driver licence checking service will be extended to include checks on individual Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) compliance.
  • Accommodation of vehicle inspection sheets within Key2’s Workshop touchscreen module
What’s more, the continuing demand across the fleet industry for mobile phone apps has seen Jaama launch a new version of its own fleet management app this year. 

Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “The evolution of the contract hire and leasing industry is accelerating. It is therefore critical that companies choose software suppliers who focus on continuous development to deliver product and functionality improvements that ensure they can deliver to their customers’ industry leading products and services.”

To find out more about how Jaama can help to streamline your contract hire and leasing requirements, get in touch with us today.