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Key2 Contract Hire and Leasing is an intelligent multi award winning, integrated software solution for contract hire, leasing and fleet management companies. 

The vast modular functionality within the software and integration with external systems enables it to be used as a totally cohesive business solution, managing all assets from cradle to grave and from quotation through to disposal as well as having fully integrated CRM and accounting functionality.

Key2 Contract Hire and Leasing gives you the tools to streamline and automate your business processes, drive down operating costs and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and profitability.

Key2 Contract Hire and Leasing allows operating companies to give an enhanced personalised service to their customers through online customer branded portals.  Value can be added to end user customers with the introduction of additional services such as driver licence checking.

Contract Hire & Leasing

It also allows the comprehensive analysis of data to establish the profitability of each customer, the performance of each individual contract and to help identify further cost saving and revenue generating opportunities.

Core Modules and Functionality include:

    • Designed specifically for contract hire and leasing companies who want to provide broker partners with a central link through which accurate monthly rental quotations can be accessed instantly online without third party interaction.
    • Systems can be branded for each individual broker and terms and conditions can be defined to accommodate differing agreements and rates including discounts and special offers on a broker by broker basis.
  • This portal allows your vehicle suppliers to keep you up to date with the progress of the orders you place with them such as:

    • Availability
    • Estimated delivery dates/times
    • Vehicle Quotations is a simple yet powerful and flexible web based quotation tool, enabling contract hire, leasing and fleet management companies to provide accurate, ‘real time’ vehicle quotations for the supply of any make/model of vehicle over any period of time.
    • The information displayed can be restricted to pre-defined parameters such as pre-set driver grades and company specified requirements.  
    • The flexibility of the system allows the selection of optional extras but does not allow users to choose conflicting accessories. 
    • Unlimited comparative summary quotations or individual quotations can be created and distributed
    • Designed to enable contract hire & leasing companies to add value and improve their service to their customers, dashboard is a fully configurable module to give end user customers’ instant access to summary level real time information regarding their fleet. 
    • This module can be configured to alert end users of events and when attention is required such as servicing and scheduled maintenance etc.
    • Data staging’ enables new and updated industry standard vehicle-related information from a range of providers including CAP, Motorconsult, and KeeResources to be imported into a management database for individual customer manipulation prior to it being added to their Key2 system for use in preparing customer quotations.
    • Data Staging allows you to preview of the impact of new vehicle pricing and vehicle data changes on monthly rentals. You can use 'what-if' live to staging scenarios to compare before and after prices on individuals’ quotations or a complete rate book in a safe environment.
    • Key2 Financials is designed specifically for contract hire, daily rental and workshop operators and is the industry's most up to date financial accounting system eliminating the need for organisations to buy third party accounting software.
    • Key2 Financials will handle all transactions relating to customer credit limits, invoicing, cash management, VAT returns, balance sheet and profit and loss accounting, etc. Its functionality and individually built in rule sets means that data updated within a company’s finance department will trigger alerts and updates in other modules.
    • Key2 Financials provides the most advanced Excel transaction analysis and information reporting delivering the highest degree of management capability possible.
    • Data Vision allows contract hire; leasing and fleet management companies to give their end fleet customers access and visibility of stored data relating to their own fleet as well as reports on their own vehicle information, focussing particularly on legal compliance, enabling them to adhere to their duty of care responsibilities.
    • Data Vision can also be used as a marketing tool for the contract hire, leasing or fleet management companies to update customers with latest news, offers and information.
    • Access to customer information can be restricted depending at what level within the organisation structure the user belongs to and what data is relevant for them.
    • The Electronic Driver Services (EDS) module enables contract hire and leasing companies to add value to their service offering and give their customers the tools to put the emphasis on their company cars drivers to keep the data pertaining to both them personally and their vehicles up to date. 
    • Drivers can upload documents such as eyesight checks; expense claims etc. with the objective of ensuring that employers have up-to-date information relating to their employees and associated vehicles.
    • An auditable trail of key legal information helps to address at-work driving duty of care compliance under health and safety legislation guidelines.
    • EDS keeps an automated check on compliance documents and can deliver automated reminders to drivers and their line managers to ensure that the required information is provided.
    • Going above and beyond in terms of driver monitoring, assessing and risk management, Key2 Driver Risk Management is a comprehensive, fully configurable risk management tool.
    • Risk parameters and definitions can be assigned to many areas for example: 
    • Age of driver
    • Years licence held
    • RTA’s (cost, frequency, blame worthy etc)
    • Endorsements
    • Business miles per annum
    • Fines
    • Corrective vision
    • Medical conditions
    • Engine size
    • MPG


    Click here for more details.
    • Licence2Check can be utilised by contract hire and leasing companies to offer a licence checking service to their customers. Click here for further information
    • eRFL is an automated way to renew vehicle road fund licence online with the DVLA.
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