A quarter (25%) of British small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with company-owned vehicles have failed  an MoT, racking up £350 million in repair bills, according to new research from Lex Autolease.
The survey of 500 UK SMEs with company-owned cars and vans reveals that, in addition to the cost of failed MoTs, unforeseen trips to the garage and downtime cost them an average of £4,300 and 1.4 lost working days each in the last year.
Despite the risks, four in 10 (40%) bosses admit they regularly drive a vehicle that has a fault. In addition, half of the companies (51%) surveyed said their most recent trip to the garage was the result of their own poor maintenance and bad driving, with accidents and pot holes counting for less than a fifth (17%) and just under a tenth (6%) of incidents respectively.
A solid fleet management system with event management, service and MOT notifications and comprehensive driver management could help reduce expensive repair bills and ensure compliance.  For further details click here