Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs

At Jaama we appreciate that managing your fleet efficiently and effectively will help to ensure that your business remains legal and cost effective. You are the hub of the fleet operation.  Often responsible for vehicle acquisition to disposal and everything in between, you need to reduce operating costs, ensure vehicle compliance, improve efficiencies as well as manage all of your drivers and produce performance reports.

We also know that Key2 gives you the tools to strategically analyse your fleet and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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Fully scalable

Key2 is fully scalable and is used by a complete spectrum of companies – from customers with a handful of vehicles, to many of our customers who have thousands of vehicles and assets.

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Holistic view of your entire fleet with all of your vehicle and driver data in one place

Key2 seamlessly interfaces with other internal applications and external supplier systems (e.g. HR and Finance, DVLA, HMRC, MiD, fuel cards) automatically, ensuring all of your vehicle and driver data is stored in a single location. This gives you a completely holistic view of your entire fleet.

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Personalised dashboard

Configurable dashboards gives you a complete overview of the key fleet information that you as an individual need to be aware of. This top-level information can be drilled down into, taking you to the finer detail which enables true management by exception.

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Manage by exception

Automated tolerance checks carried out by the system notify you of exceptions meaning you don’t have to spend vast amounts of time scrutinising data.

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Reduction in manual intervention

Automation and integration significantly reduces operating costs through automating tasks which previously required manual intervention and eliminating the requirement to re-key data.

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Go paperless

Our aim is to enable customers to work in a paperless environment and run their fleets from anywhere. By adding modules and functionality to Key2 we are taking big steps to achieving it.

eSignature module
Enables a document to be sent, signed and instantly returned back into the system. It expedites any process that requires documents to be printed, signed and then manually uploaded; new vehicle driver handovers and daily rental agreements being prime examples.

Document access
Growing digitalisation enables the electronic storage of vehicle and driver documents – or online accessibility – such as driver licences, vehicle V5C registration records, P11d reporting and ‘grey fleet’ insurance, MoT and vehicle servicing records.

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Key2 delivers key intelligence data

Fleet managers can never have enough processed information at their fingertips. To that end it is essential that systems are in place to collect, measure, manage and process all data into strategic, usable intelligence.

However given the thousands of data streams, it is critical that issues and exceptions surrounding non-compliance with inbuilt rule sets are immediately highlighted for rectification. This is why Key2:

Actively manages, monitors and analyses data, with automated tolerance checks and notifications being carried out by the system. Exception reporting reduces fleets cost through automated notification of issues that need confronting and resolving.

Delivers integrated graphical personalised reports ensuring key performance indicators relevant to the user can be viewed at a glance and immediately acted upon.

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