Customer satisfaction
at the heart of our
mission statement

‘We will exceed your expectations or we will have failed to meet ours.’

Our culture

We aim to run a friendly company with a frank and open style of communication. As a company we believe that we must always strive to treat all people fairly and with respect.

We will always strive to achieve a management style which is open and inclusive, provide employees with as much information about the Company as possible, and strike a balance between the welfare of our employees, customers and shareholders.

Core values

Jaama’s culture has been founded on six core values which have become endemic throughout.

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Jaama are widely recognised in the fleet industry as leading innovators. By combining years of experience, expertise and appropriate software technology, we produce unique, innovative solutions that address the needs of our customers, and advance the pace of change in our industry.

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Our products and services are competitively priced to offer unbeatable value for money, providing customers with a measurable return on their investment.

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Every aspect of our business from our people, our products and our services, is approached with the attitude of attaining our quality standard: “designed, developed and delivered to the highest quality standard possible but with even greater achievement in mind.”

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Jaama invests in people and processes to deliver a whole new service experience to customers. Outstanding service can only be achieved through like-minded people who aspire to excellence and adopt this common approach.

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Low risk

Whether our customers are spending a few hundred pounds on a training seminar or hundreds of thousands of pounds on a software solution, we will deliver what we have agreed to deliver, on time and within budget.

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Each of Jaama’s products and services are specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs, using the latest technology where appropriate. Products will be right for the customer and sold with integrity.

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