I AM a company secretary in charge of 20 company cars. I would like to introduce an IT system to manage the fleet. What sort of package would be best?

THERE are numerous software providers and vehicle management systems available to manage a fleet of your size. Compile a list of key requirements and then contact suppliers for information. Factors to consider include :

  • fleet policy,
  • fleet acquisition method,
  • fuel,
  • insurance,
  • drivers own vehicle use,
  • hire and pool cars.

Your new system should also link with other business applications. For example, you may want to pass cost details through to your accounting system. You will probably not want to type driver information into two separate systems – HR and fleet – so information should be automatically transferred from one to the other. Ensure the system has a task management and diary function. You need a system that can take away the administrative burden of reminders for MoTs, servicing or checking insurance documents. Automatic reminders that can be sent via text, email, fax or letter are also a must. As company secretary, one of the issues facing you is corporate manslaughter. You should also ask the provider if the software has in-built automatic risk assessments.