Administration efficiency and substantially improved management reporting that will generate financial savings are just some of the benefits that City of London Police will obtain from the introduction of Jaama’s Key2 Vehicle Management.
City of London Police, which operates a widely varied fleet of almost 100 vehicles, is the latest ‘blue light’ transport operation to turn to Jaama’s sophisticated industry-leading internet-based software system.
At implementation, the force is using Key 2’s vehicle and asset management modules, but City of London Police vehicle fleet manager Arend Mouton plans to introduce modules such as fuel management and accident management at ‘phase 2’.
The force, which is responsible for policing the Square Mile, the world’s leading international financial and business centre, turned to Key2 after outsourcing its vehicle service maintenance and repair workshops to Enterprise Management Services, a long-standing Key2 user.
City of London Police also enjoys a close relationship with the British Transport Police, which is another established Key2 user.
Mr Mouton said: “Our previous fleet management system was not compatible with our workshops’ system. Logically it made sense to introduce Key2 and our confidence in the system was confirmed by the experiences of other users.
“All vehicle maintenance data from the workshops can now be easily uploaded into our asset management system thereby saving significant administration time. It makes perfect sense for the two systems to ‘talk’ to each other and cuts duplicate entries of the same information which also removes the opportunity of errors creeping in.”
What’s more, the City of London Police fleet, which in addition to ‘blue light’ cars includes unmarked vehicles, motorbikes, public order vans, a horse box, mobile prison cells, dog vehicles and armed response units, is equipped with journey data recorders.
Mr Mouton said: “Vehicle mileages are recorded and downloaded directly into Key2, which then interprets the information to provide vehicle servicing schedules based on mileage and time which is crucial. That helps to meet our risk management responsibilities.”
In a further move City of London Police’s learning and development department is looking to record all driver-related information, including licence and eyesight check details, on the Key2 system.
Also, fleet management information from a range of third party suppliers including fuel card and tyre providers will be fed into Key2.
Mr Mouton said: “Key2 will enable the force to have all information relating to vehicles and drivers in one place. That will result in improved management reporting and we hope result in significant operating cost savings.
“Key2 is very user-friendly and the set-up makes it easy to manipulate data and make maximum utilisation of the package. We needed a system to run like a well oiled machine.”
Jaama sales and operations director Martin Evans said: “Our ‘blue light’ customers are reporting that the cutting-edge functionality is delivering a wide range of operational benefits to their complex fleets that operate around the clock throughout the year.”
Jaama is increasing its emergency service and public sector focus by exhibiting at this year’s Blue Light & Amber Light Fleet Exhibition at The International Centre, Telford, on June 4 and 5 and holding best practice seminars on both afternoons of the show.
The show, which includes the annual National Association of Police Fleet Managers’ Conference and Exhibition, is widely acknowledged to be one of the best emergency service transport events in Europe with the participation of all the emergency services, enforcement agencies, various Government departments and the military.
Mr Evans concluded: “The experiences of British Transport Police and now the City of London Police with Key2 will provide confidence in Jaama for other ‘blue light’ organisations.”