Regulatory compliance is essential for all commercial vehicle operators alongside efficient and cost-effective fleet management which is why a growing number of public and private sector fleets are introducing Jaama’s cutting-edge vehicle and driver management software.
Key2, is the UK’s most frequently recommended fleet software, and Jaama will be showcasing it for the first time at the Commercial Vehicle Show being held this year at the NEC in Birmingham, from April 26-28.
Speedy, the UK’s leading provider of tools, equipment and plant to the construction, infrastructure, industrial and related industries, operates a fleet of some 1,000 light commercial vehicles, 600 company cars and 200 trucks.
The Freight Transport Association Van Excellence member and Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme gold accredited company, introduced Key2 two years ago and is using it as a “front-end tool” to manage vehicles and drivers.
Mark Woodworth, head of logistics at the Merseyside-headquartered company, said implementation of Key2 had provided Speedy with the ability to more easily record and then access data. The information is then used to, for example, better track vehicle maintenance provision and implement targeted driver training initiatives.
Mr Woodworth said: “It is essential that all vehicles are serviced on schedule and undergo MoTs. However, we can use the information to help shape our vehicle de-fleet strategies which potentially delivers savings as we may be able to dispose of vehicles prior to an imminent service or MoT requirement. As a result we are meeting our compliance obligations and also using information to tightly manage expenditure.”
He added: “We now have all information in one location, which improves administration and enables fleet forecasting that in turn ensures compliance and improves operational efficiencies.
“Key2 has enabled the implementation of a single system to manage all fleet, driver and journey-related data, vital for ensuring compliance and efficient management of a fleet our size.”