Demand for defleeted vans is currently so high that models at even seven years old are proving to be hugely sought after, according to Manheim.

It is, says the auction giant, evidence of the most sizeable shift towards older vans seen in the used market since the company started reporting data in 2006.

Matthew Davock, head of LCV at Manheim, said: “These older vans are, without doubt, the tail end of extensions and deferred replacement programmes resulting from the economic downturn. Mileage is now seemingly less of a mental barrier in retail buyers’ minds; this is likely against a backdrop of modern reliability and a comprehensive maintenance history.”

Vendors have been obtaining record windfalls for defleeted vans due to huge stock shortages caused by the recession. Looking ahead, based on this year’s remarkably strong start, Manheim believes that the market for used vans will remain at current levels for the next few months.