Commercial vehicle operators need world class management software that accommodates the complexities of their business to provide administrative efficiencies, help control costs and ensure a safe and compliant fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Technology, such as Jaama’s award-winning fleet solutions – Key2 asset and driver management system and forthcoming Maintenance Exchange platform – are essential tools to cope with legislative and compliance requirements.

The paperless office is a vision of Jaama and Key2 Electronic Document Storage allows any document or image specifically compliance documents, to be electronically stored against relevant assets.

It is imperative for commercial vehicle operators to store compliance documents such as vehicle servicing records, MoT certificates etc. against an asset record. Storing information centrally is vital so that document retrieval is at operator’s fingertips at any location where they have system access. Document retrieval functionality is particularly useful for keeping an eye on their local depots to ensure that they are compliant, as well as for any DVSA audits or investigations.

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “Businesses are recognising the benefits of digitalising documentation. Key2 and Maintenance Exchange further enables fleets to embrace technology to drive administration and operational efficiencies as we move ever-closer to a paperless business environment.”Compliance Display