The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has launched its own crackdown on drivers who use a hand-held mobile phone when on the road.

The Government has said it is considering doubling to six points on a driving record the penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone having increased the fine to £100.

Now the DVLA will from mid-September issue letters to all Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Public Service Vehicle (PSV) drivers who get penalty points put on their driver record for the offence.

The letter will inform the driver of the risks involved if they continue to use hand-held devices whilst driving.

It will also advise that as well as the fixed penalty and points, they might be required to attend a meeting with a traffic commissioner. The letter will also warn that if the offence is repeated, they’ll automatically be referred to the traffic commissioner. The commissioner may then consider the driver’s suitability to continue to hold a vocational licence.

If the HGV or PSV driver commits a second offence, then they will get a second letter telling them that they have automatically been reported to the traffic commissioner.

The DVLA said: “We hope that by sending these letters, we will help to teach drivers about the dangers and consequences of committing the same offence.”