New guidelines for organisations operating fleets, recommending that they only buy cars with a five-star safety rating have been published by Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme).
The safety guidelines advise fleet purchasers to select vehicles that have been rated by NCAPs worldwide – including Euro NCAP which rates vehicles on sale in the UK – with the much coveted ‘five star’ safety rating.
Global NCAP also recommends that fleet managers confirm that the cars they purchase meet the most important minimum United Nations vehicle safety standards.
David Ward, secretary general of Global NCAP said: “Any organisation can improve safety by carefully selecting the vehicles it uses. Global NCAP encourages all fleet managers both public and private to make ‘five star’ safety their goal.”
“By following Global NCAP’s new guidelines it will be easier for organisations to ensure that the safety of their vehicle fleet provides acceptable levels of protection to their employees.”
UK-based Global NCAP’s Fleet Buyer’s Guide is available at: