Fleet management app

Today’s fleet decision-makers are seeking smart “self-service” solutions focusing on intelligent process driven functionality that reduces the requirement for regular manual intervention from the fleet team.

Just launched is Jaama’s ‘My Vehicle App’, which is a genuine fleet industry game-changer delivering significant benefits to both drivers and fleet managers.

Unlike other apps, ‘My Vehicle App’ provide drivers with more than just ‘flat’ information.
The ‘My Vehicle App’ interactive functionality enables drivers to:
• Update odometer readings
• Undertake daily vehicle checks prior to any journey and flag any defects requiring rectification
• Record essential accident details along with related photographs at the scene

Crucially, information uploaded by drivers via the app automatically populates the associated records held within Key2. The incoming information then automatically triggers in-house rule sets and notifications such as defect rectification action required, accident alerts and service realignments if the vehicles mileage profile has changed.

‘My Vehicle App’ was designed following extensive customer, technological and usability research.

Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “Auto triggering of processes streamlines operations, saves time, increases efficiency and reduces costs because fleet managers will receive real-time data. ‘My Vehicle App’ also improves audit trail accuracy to help meet duty of care regulations.”

Promoting best practice

Jaama is fully committed to promoting best practice and ensuring that Key2 delivers the functionality to enable users to meet industry best practice operating standards.

Jaama is heavily involved in the fleet industry and includes the association with the following organisations:
 An Associate member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)
 A partner to the Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence programme designed
to raise standards and improve the image of the UK’s growing van sector
 An ICFM sponsor and managing director Martin Evans a board member
 An active member of the Association for Driving Licence Verification.

Fleet decision-makers collectively managing more than 950,000 vehicles are currently using Key2 with many of them actively adhering to FORS, ICFM and Van Excellence standards.

Key2 delivers key intelligence data

There is an abundance of data available for Fleet Managers to access. However it is essential that systems are in place to only collect the worthwhile data and most importantly systems should have the capability of manipulating the data to provide meaningful management information. It is also critical that systems have inbuilt rule sets that recognise issues and exceptions surrounding non-compliance and automatically notify the nominated managers for immediate intervention.

 Key2 actively manages, monitors and analyses data, with automated tolerance checks and notifications being carried out by the system. Exception reporting reduces fleets cost through automated notification of issues that need immediate action and resolution.
 Key2 delivers integrated personalised graphical charts to ensure that key performance indicators relevant to individual users can be viewed at a glance.

Managing director Martin Evans said: “Jaama continues to invest heavily in Key2 and associated technologies such as ‘My Vehicle App’ to give fleet decision-makers the information they want, in the format they want and when they want it, to enable informed strategic decisions to be made.”

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