If you can't measure it, you can't manage it, says Jason Francis, managing director of fleet software and risk management specialist Jaama.
Hundreds of companies continue to attempt to keep track of vehicles, drivers and operating costs on spread sheets and ultimately find themselves driving up a cul-de-sac. As a result, the acceleration towards buying cost-effective fleet management software is increasing, particularly among smaller companies.
Keeping commercial vehicles on the road and minimising downtime is already a complex matter that requires specialist skills. And, with increasing legislation hitting commercial vehicle operators, web-based fleet management software is essential to keep full control of the fleet.
Analysing fleet reports by exception – whether looking at fuel use, tyre wear and tear or driver accidents – is not only crucial to improving fleet efficiency and business effectiveness, but it is essential if costs are to be kept under control.
Jaama has spent two years developing and updating its Key2 Vehicle Management software for commercial vehicle usage, giving fleet operators the ability to manage all aspects of the fleet including servicing and inspection, driver hours, vehicle movements, technical specifications, weights and dimensions, and provide management information to meet regulations.
The web-based software also interfaces with that operated by external fleet providers as well as internal company departments.
Historically, technology available to commercial vehicle operators both to manage regulatory requirements and reduce operating costs has lagged a long way behind other software applications. Now CV applications have caught up.