Web watch: We review what's hot on the 'net Jaama's newly launched fleet software and occupational road safety specialist website opens with a pastel splash.

The homepage is very open, displaying all the contents of the site so it’s almost like a sitemap. This is not a normal approach to the layout of a homepage but it works well. A scrolling info panel explains that the site is split into three sections, Risks, Resolutions and Rewards.

Clicking on each of the three links gains access to sub-links which give a detailed explanation behind risk assessment, the benefits of driver and vehicle checks, management software, driver training and legislation. Splitting the different sections in this way makes the information easily accessible.

It is possible to flick through the pages of a Jaama brochure virtually, thanks to an animated flash presentation located in the ‘why Jaama’ link at the top of the home-page. This takes you through all of Jaama’s key objectives. Keep an eye out for the dinosaur and steam train.

The products section has links to the Jaama main site, where it is possible to purchase risk management and fleet operator software. The software buying system works in a similar way to many online purchase websites, Click on the desired item to add it to a virtual ‘basket’, proceed to the ‘checkout’ and fill out debit/credit card details to confirm the purchase.

The only problem with this process was that it was difficult to navigate to the location of products to buy. After clicking on various links, it took longer than it should have to find the software.

For any queries, Jaama can be contacted by filling in an enquiry form through the contact link at the top of the homepage.

We like: Different approach to homepage layout We don’t like: Jaama products were difficult to find.

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