Jaama launches new software

Jaama, the software and safety firm, is claiming to be the first business capable of checking driving licences online on behalf of fleet managers.

The service comes as part of the firm’s web-based Fleet Assistant package. Although the DVLA does not yet provide remote access to its database of driving licences Jaama has got around the issue by revert­ing to the proven method of send­ing a CD to the DVLA with the required information on, then hav­ing the answers physically sent back.

However, fleet managers submit the driving licence number and name online and receive the answer by the same method within three days because Jaama uploads the data itself.

Jaama is also hoping to use Fleet Assistant to scoop risk and fleet management business from the 70-80,000 small fleets in the UK because it is totally online, requires no downloads and is bought on a per-driver basis.  Also recently added has been a driver training module for those drivers deemed the highest risk.

On the first anniversary of Jaama’s founding, boss Jason Francis reiterated his business’s aim of becoming the market leader within five years. However, Francis added that this leadership would be across all sectors rather than being massively ahead in one sector.

Jaama classifies the fleet into five sectors: sub-250 car fleets, 250-car plus fleets, commercial vehicle fleets, contract hire firms and rental firms.

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