Businesses are joining the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) in record numbers, according to the newly published 2015 annual report.
The document reports on the first year of the organisation under the management of the FORS Community Partnership and details the activities, development and growth of the award-winning scheme, of which Jaama is an Associate member. 
In 2014 Transport for London decided to transfer FORS, which had been run by TfL since its inception in 2008, to be operated through a concession arrangement with the remit of expansion of the scheme beyond London.
John Hix, director, FORS Community Partnership, said in the report: “Our vision is to enable all fleet operators to attain and maintain the best possible level of productivity and efficiency with the least impact on society and the environment, and to facilitate continuous improvements in operating standards. 
“FORS silver and gold members are now achieving a 17% reduction in collisions and
a 4.3% improvement in fuel use over the previous years’ figures. We hope to further improve on these advances.”
There are more than 207,000 vehicles on the roads operated by FORS accredited organisations. Last year FORS saw a 32% increase in accredited operators and a 315% increase in gold accredited operators. At the end of last year 3,110 employers were bronze accredited, 371 silver and 120 gold, collectively an increase of 865 fleets during 2015.