According to Jason Francis, managing director of fleet software and occupational road safety experts Jaama. Key2 Vehicle Management software is instrumental in ensuring that companies put safety first. In the event of a serious and perhaps fatal crash involving an occupational driver, police officers will be looking for evidence of why the vehicle was at the scene, the mechanical condition of that vehicle and the physical condition of the driver “It is therefore imperative that companies are able to provide investigating police officers with comprehensive details on both vehicles and drivers. This includes such data as being able to prove that frequent vehicle safety checks are undertaken, vehicles are serviced in accordance with manufacturer warranties and driving licences are monitored.

‘Companies should also remember that health and safety responsibility for at-work drivers rests with them irrespective of who owns the vehicle being driven on business. Therefore, it is essential that staff who drive their own cars on business are included in all checks and policies.” Key2 Vehicle Management software is capable of storing all information relating to both vehicles – driver checks on oil, water, tyres, brakes, and windscreen washer for example – as well as generating automatic reminders via email, fax. text or letter informing drivers that a service or MoT is imminent. The technology will also generate reminders to check driving licences via the DVLA database and drivers” eyesight, for example.