For companies who use vehicles for business purposes, ensuring that their fleet management software system is at the cutting-edge of best driver and vehicle practices is critical.

It is now common practice for fleets to work with ‘best-in-breed’ suppliers for each of their individual fleet service requirements, which makes a lot of sense from both a cost and quality of service perspective.

The challenge with having multiple suppliers is that all the associated management information is fragmented. Customers typically use ‘best-in-breed’ systems such as Jaama’s Key2 to collect all of the appropriate data from their individual suppliers and combine it into meaningful information that gives a holistic picture of what is going on with their entire fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Jaama’s Key2 advanced driver risk profiling validates driving licences with the DVLA  but Jaama recognise that there is more to understanding driver behaviour than just licence endorsements.

Key2 takes in data feeds from:

• accident management companies,
• fuel transactions,
• maintenance suppliers
• and high-level information from telematics providers.

Which in conjunction with licence checking provides a holistic view of each driver and their driving behaviour.

Martin Evans, Jaama managing director said: “Much can be achieved with data to enable fleet managers to make informed decisions by understanding driver behaviour along with vehicle performance and utilisation. It is vital businesses have in place good systems that take vehicle and driver information in, digest it and produce meaningful strategic information.”

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