The head of international vehicle safety advocate Global NCAP says it is “entirely unacceptable” that millions of cars sold in low- and middle-income countries are failing to meet basic safety standards.
Global NCAP chairman Max Mosley issued a report at the United Nations’ Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations in Geneva calling on vehicle manufacturers to democratise safety for all cars around the world.
“Safety improvements stimulated by legislation and consumer awareness campaigns in high-income economies that have saved hundreds of thousands of lives are not yet systematically available for drivers and their families in rapidly growing lower income markets,” Mosley said.
“For example, crash test standards introduced 20 years ago for cars sold in Europe are yet to be met by many new cars being sold today in leading middle-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This is entirely unacceptable.
“Manufacturers cannot continue to treat millions of their customers as second-class citizens when it comes to life-saving standards of occupant protection.”