Drivers will see new fuel pump labelling on forecourts by September in a bid to end incidents of misfuelling and help them understand the biofuel content of petrol and diesel when they fill up.

The Department for Transport has said that it expects all filling stations to roll out the new labels on to pumps. The labels will also appear on the filler caps of all new vehicles. The uniform European Union-wide labels are also aimed at preventing drivers from filling up with the wrong fuel when abroad.

Blending biofuels into regular petrol and diesel reduces CO2 emissions, helping the UK to meet climate change commitments.

• Petrol contains up to 5% renewable ethanol and will in the future be labelled ‘E5’
• Diesel contains up to 7% biodiesel and will be labelled ‘B7’

The labels have been designed to ‘clearly indicate’ the maximum renewable fuel content, thus supporting the communication of any future introduction of E10 petrol, a grade with up to 10% renewable ethanol.

The Department for Transport is expected to announce plans for the roll out of E10 petrol later in 2019. Whether E10 petrol becomes available in addition to a forecourt’s current offering, or replaces the ‘super grade’, will at a retailer’s discretion.