The government has launched its annual festive season campaign to tackle drink-driving, this year targeting those who do not recognise that even a small number of drinks before setting off on a journey can be deadly. 
It urges everyone to THINK! before drinking and driving and highlights how a second drink can double the chance of being in a fatal collision.
New research from Department for Transport campaign group THINK! shows that while half the population (51%) would not consider consuming any alcoholic drinks before driving, one in 10 people (10%) would consider having two or more drinks before getting behind the wheel. The figure increases to one in five among men aged 18 to 34 (19%).
Road Safety Minister Andrew Jones said: “Drivers know that drink-driving is wrong. It can destroy families and ruin lives. Yet some irresponsible drivers still take the risk and get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t.
“Over the past 30 years drink-drive deaths have fallen significantly but every death or serious injury is one too many. The best way for drivers to keep themselves and other road users safe is simple: don’t drink and drive.”
Figures show that the majority of drivers in England and Wales are aware of the need to avoid drinking before driving. A total of 60% of the 781 people surveyed said that it was not okay to drink at all before driving. However, even though 93% of people don’t think it is right to drive after more than one drink, almost a fifth (18%) admit to having done so.