Green number plates could be introduced on clean cars, vans, and taxis under new plans to promote awareness of ultra-low emission vehicles.

The special plates are thought to encourage take-up among drivers and could help support local incentives for electric vehicles such as access to bus or low emission vehicle lanes, electric charging bays or ultra-low-emission-zones.

Similar schemes are already used in countries such as Norway, Canada, and China.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “Adding a green badge of honour to these new clean vehicles is a brilliant way of helping increase awareness of their growing popularity in the UK, and might just encourage people to think about how one could fit into their own travel routine.”

The plans are part of a forthcoming government consultation which will seek views on whether green plates could work in the UK and will consider what they should look like, including:

  • Whether they should be entirely green on the front, back or both sides of the vehicle,
  • or a green symbol.

The consultation could pave the way for the addition of the eye-catching plates to UK vehicles in the next few years, according to the Department for Transport.