Electric vehicles may become ‘even greener’.

The Government has announced the launch of a consultation on introducing green number plates for zero emission cars.

The Government says that as the UK moves at pace towards net zero emissions, it believes the initiative would raise awareness of the increasing number of zero tailpipe emission vehicles on the nation’s roads, help their drivers to benefit more easily from local incentives like free or cheaper parking and encourage greater uptake of new vehicle technology.

In the consultation document, the Government says: “Green number plates would provide an opportunity for commercial road users in competitive mobility industries such as taxi fleets, couriers and car clubs to differentiate themselves and convey their ‘green’ credentials and leadership. Similarly, green number plates would support wider progressive corporate social responsibility for companies with vehicle fleets. This has the potential to be a powerful motivator for many private consumers.”

The consultation seeks views from industry and the public on a number of aspects surrounding the scheme, including vehicle eligibility, enforcement, and the rollout of the plates as well as design. The document outlines three potential number plate designs:

  • A fully green number plate with black lettering
  • The addition of a green flash on the plate
  • The addition of a green dot or symbol

The consultation document makes clear the Government’s view that green number plates should only appear on zero emission vehicles – full battery electric or hydrogen – and not plug-in hybrid models. Any potential green number plate scheme could be introduced within 12-18 months with the Government advocating voluntary uptake.

The consultation closes on January 14, 2020. The consultation document is available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/introduction-of-green-number-plates-for-ultra-low-emission-vehiclesElectric Car Number Plate