More than half of businesses say they are concerned about their company drivers being distracted by in-car technology with the introduction of connected cars to their fleets, according to new research by RAC Business.
The survey, which highlighted employers’ attitudes towards increasing connectivity in business vehicles, found 51% were concerned about their drivers being distracted, rising to 55% for small businesses (100 employees or below). 
Although it is widely recognised that wi-fi enabled vehicles will lead to increased safety features, at the same time there are worries that access to the internet and email through inbuilt screens on the dashboard, may also lead to an increased level of driver distraction.
More than one in three firms (35%) of the 500 UK businesses surveyed also said they were worried about driver data being hacked following the introduction of connected cars to their fleet, and almost one-in-five (18%) were concerned that more autonomy through connected services would take too much responsibility away from the individual driver.
However, the research also revealed that 83% thought it would be useful to use the technology to diagnose engine faults, 72% believed connected technology would increase fuel efficiency and 67% thought it would help to reduce wear and tear.