Industry-leading fleet software innovator Jaama has taken another big step towards enabling customers to have a paperless office with the launch of a new eSignature Module to complement its multi award-winning Key2 system.

The eSignature Module enables a document to be sent, signed using an electronic signature, and instantly returned back into the system. It expedites any process that requires documents to be printed, signed and then manually uploaded; new vehicle driver handovers and daily rental agreements being prime examples. Once installed and configured, Key2 eSignature can be utilised anywhere a document is generated within the system.

eSignature is the latest Key2 enhancement to be brought to market from software solutions developed through collaboration with Jaama customers.

Brian Kirby, systems director, JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions, a Key2 user since 2011, said: “We have pushed for development of eSignature and believe it is possibly the first application of electronic signatures in the fleet industry.

“We plan to initially roll out eSignature for customers’ master hire agreements and then for quote acceptance and order acceptance documents. Ultimately eSignature will be used for all documents that require a client’s signature. It is the latest initiative as we continue working towards a paperless environment.”

He added: “The eSignature rule sets that we have adopted mean that where documents require multiple customer signatures they are automatically emailed to those individuals thereby reducing the administration burden for our clients.”

Days Fleet, a Key2 user since 2009, worked with Jaama to introduce both a client dashboard and internet-based Quotation Module which enables the company to provide its broker partners with contract hire quotations online as well as facilitating bespoke quotations to fleet managers and drivers. The company has also been involved in the development of eSignature, which it will look to introduce in the summer and has implemented a co-developed interface with its purchasing platform.

Managing director Aled Williams said: “Collaboration is key to Days Fleet being able to continue what we are doing, which is offering alternatives in the market. We aim to provide solutions to our clients that further drive cost-saving efficiencies and compliance rather than simply being a pure vehicle leasing company.

“Embracing new technology is something which we pride ourselves on and identifying solutions for our clients using innovative ways of being able to improve the operation of their fleet is part of our ongoing partnership with Jaama.”

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “eSignature is designed to instantaneously get valuable information back into Key2, reduce the administrative burden and help the environment by reducing paper usage.

“Businesses are recognising the benefits of digitalising documentation. As a consequence, Jaama enables fleets to embrace technology to drive administration and operational efficiencies as we move ever-closer to a paperless business environment.”

One of Jaama’s previous steps on the paperless journey was a module to enable fleets that elected V5C suppression to obtain electronic vehicle details from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency rather than holding paper copies of the documents. The development, more than two years ago, followed the Government’s decision to digitalise vehicle registration certificates.

Jaama has also made improvements to its Key2 Workshop Touchscreen module which has been very well received by the industry and is continually evolving. The module essentially enables technicians to enter their work electronically rather than writing on a paper job sheet or inspection sheet which would then require an administrator to decipher, enter into the system and then file the paperwork.

Mr Evans said: “Jaama not only continues to invest some £2 million a year in the continuing development of Key2 but, critically, many of the ongoing enhancements are as a result of requests from our customers who are all focused on seeking mechanisms to reduce manual intervention as much as possible.”

Mr Evans concluded: “The UK fleet market is the most mature and forward thinking in the world and Jaama is not only the leading supplier in the sector, but is also the most recommended fleet management software solutions provider.”

To take advantage of this latest Key2 module and further embrace the benefits of technology, please contact your dedicated Business Development Manager to find out more and get a demonstration.