Jaama is committed to working in partnership with customers and industry bodies to promote best practice and raise standards across the fleet industry and was the 1st fleet software supplier to become an Associates FORS member to promote this commitment through practical action.
Technology is a major aid to making fleet administration easier for fleet managers and ensuring vehicles are operating in tip-top condition and comply with legislation.  Jaama is the industry’s benchmark for quality and innovation and is established as the UK’s most recommended software supplier in the fleet, leasing and hire markets.
Jaama offer FORS applicants and members a series of benefits such as process reviews to clearly establish and document a fleet’s business and system requirements to achieve or maintain the FORS standard and fully integrated driver licence checking with the DVLA – a key requirement of the accreditation process.

Contact us on 0844 8484 333 Option 2 to find out how we help organisations such as Skanska, Transport for London and Speedy Asset Services to achieve and maintain their GOLD Fors standard.