Jaama has launched a comprehensive driver risk profiling tool that is available within its Key2 product range. 
The Key2 Risk Profile module provides a holistic view of driver risk and integrates with the DVLA licence checking service which is also available from Jaama.
Jaama’s new Key2 Risk Profile module provides fleet departments, fleet management companies, contract hire and leasing companies with the flexibility to configure their own driver risk definitions which can be weighted by factors such as: driver age, road traffic accidents (cost, frequency, blameworthiness etc.), business miles per annum etc.
The weighting points associated to each area can then be accumulated to produce an individual driver total risk profile score according to the company’s risk criterion. The score is stored against the driver record and intelligently linked by the system to an associated licence checking frequency dependant on risk.
Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “We have responded to our customers’ requests to have the ability to make a more detailed risk analysis of their drivers and visibility of each driver’s risk profile.
“The new Key2 Risk Profile module provides a clear audit trail for any business by monitoring, assessing and managing drivers’ risk.”
Notification e-mails can be scheduled to be sent to individual managers, for example line managers and depot managers will want to know if a driver moves into a new band rating which could prompt action to be taken. The movement between bandings could for example change a drivers’ status from authorised to unauthorised, increase the frequency of licence checks or flag the need for training.
Key2 enables contract hire and leasing and fleet management companies to agree and have different risk parameters for each of their individual customers who then benefit from the same analysis as end user fleets.
Mr Evans said: “Driver risk management remains high on the agenda for businesses and our enhanced Key2 module delivers the flexibility to truly analyse the safety of every single driver against pre-set parameters and then implement an action plan to mitigate any perceived risks.”