Jaama is using this year’s ITT Hub to showcase its Maintenance Exchange and Compliance Manager fleet management software at Stand Location 1520.

With the average age of commercial vehicle fleets continuing to rise, controlling maintenance costs, and retaining high levels of compliance remains a key priority, all of which Jaama’s industry-leading software proactively manages.

Maintenance Exchange is Jaama’s new maintenance and compliance platform which streamlines the exchange of vehicle maintenance information between fleet operators, maintenance providers and fleet management companies. Maintenance Exchange seamlessly integrates with fleet management systems including Jaama’s flagship Key2 management product.

The end-to-end system allows fleets to book maintenance, authorise work and manage invoicing and auditing of vehicle maintenance work. It also enables all required documentation, MOT certifications, vehicle inspection sheets, servicing, and routine maintenance documents shared between service and repair centres, vehicle owners/operators and the DVSA.

Jaama’s Compliance Manager module is fully configurable to enable managers to create their own regular and one-off vehicle related events such as servicing in accordance with manufacturer requirements, MOTs, and commercial vehicle inspections to ensure they are never missed.

New functionality within Compliance Manager includes historical events being stored against the asset record to enable fleet managers to check whether historic events are being completed; prematurely, on time or late. It then auto-creates the ‘due date’ for the next event such as a service, MOT, or inspection.

It can also remove events and record a reason for removal if a vehicle is SORN or is used seasonally and provides a full audit trail event history.

MyVehicle App, Maintenance Exchange and Key2 Dashboard