Jaama adds new functionality to its industry-leading, multi award-winning Key2 asset management system to improve its customers’ fleet operating efficiency, ensure increased compliance management along with providing additional cost controls.

Jaama has completely overhauled and significantly improved the Vehicle Event Manager area of Key2 and renamed it Compliance Manager.
Additionally, a new Tyre Data Import module enables validation of incoming tyre costs against pre-agreed costs matrices to ensure correct charging for tyres. The new import module complements Key2’s existing tyre management functionality. 

Furthermore, Key2 has also been enhanced to enable the importing of vehicle details that are the subject of a motor manufacturer recall along with the ability to capture the related rectification work. The new functionality works alongside the current manual entry system, streamlining the process and significantly reducing administrative intervention.

The new Compliance Manager module is fully configurable to meet individual fleet requirements. It enables managers to create their own regular and one-off events relating to vehicles to ensure that they are never missed for example; servicing in accordance with manufacturer requirements, MoT’s and commercial vehicle inspections.

New functionality within Compliance Manager includes:

• Historical events being stored against the asset record to enable fleet managers to analyse whether historic events are being done; prematurely, on time or late. It then auto-creates the ‘due date’ for the next event such as a service, MoT or inspection. This ensures events are done on time and within tight tolerances, which in turn helps to reduce fleet maintenance spend and increase levels of compliance.

• The ability to remove events and record a reason for removing an event. For example if a vehicle is registered as SORN (Statutory off Road Notification) or is only used on a seasonal basis. The new functionality provides a full audit trail of the status history of events, which should prevent unnecessary or early events taking place whilst the vehicle is not being used.

Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “Jaama is renowned for the continued evolution of Key2. Fleet management software technology is fast-moving and the compliance and operational requirements of customers change over time and are driven by legislation.

“Feedback from our rapidly growing customer base is encouraged because those at the sharp-end of fleet management are able to deliver critical insight which is vital for Jaama to deliver enhancements to Key2 that will bring real benefits to fleets.

“The improvements introduced to Compliance Manager are among the latest examples of where we have worked with our customers to benefit the product.”

In recent years’ tyres have accounted for an increasing proportion of a typical fleet’s maintenance costs. This is due to the trend towards larger, lower profile and expensive hi-tech tyres that require more frequent replacement than previously. Conversely, service, maintenance and repair costs, as a whole, have been reduced due to the increased reliability and lengthier service interval of modern cars and the more stringent control of other maintenance and repair costs.

As a result, tyres represent a significant cost for fleet managers and Jaama’s new Tyre Data Import module provides the ability to import and store matrix pricing data for specific manufacturers and type.

What’s more, our business solution customers can also calculate tyre betterment charges for premature tyre replacement due to damage.

Mr Evans said: “Tyre replacement costs account for a significant percentage of maintenance budgets. It is apparent that our customers want as much information on tyres as possible to aid decision-making and cost control. The introduction of the new Tyre Data Import module delivers on that front.”