Jaama has significantly enhanced its Electronic Driver Services (EDS) module to further improve driver communication and reduce the administrative burden. 
The improvements that Jaama has made to the EDS module have been driven by valuable feedback from their customer base.
EDS is designed to put the emphasis on company cars drivers and employees who use their own cars for business to keep the data pertaining to both them personally and their vehicles up to date.
The EDS module enables drivers to upload documents such as eyesight checks, MoT records and insurance certificates with the objective of ensuring that employers have up-to-date information relating to their employees and associated vehicles. 
An auditable trail of key legal information helps to address at-work driving duty of care compliance under health and safety legislation guidelines.
EDS keeps an automated check on compliance documents and can deliver automated reminders to drivers and their line managers to ensure that the required information is provided.
Fleets also have the option to set their own rules within EDS which could mean that driver vehicle-related expenses can be suspended until related vehicles are compliant and data is up to date.
Martin Evans, Jaama’s sales and operations director, said: “Our new EDS upgrade is designed to improve compliance management whilst reducing the burden on fleet operators in terms of them not needing a team chasing and inputting driver-related information.
“At the request of fleet operators we have taken a ‘self-service’ approach in terms of drivers being responsible for updating information relating to both themselves and their vehicles.”
Notable changes to the new-look EDS, include:
  • Auto log-in – driver log-in details are now remembered. 
  • A new area has been introduced where employer and employee duty of care statements can be displayed. 
  • Key documents including, for example, fleet policy, EDS policy, drivers’ handbook and the company’s fuel card policy are easily accessible by drivers via the tool bar. The content of the documents is administered by the customer. 
  • Drivers can now upload eyesight check information via a new ‘Eyesight Checks’ action button on the driver page. Clicking the ‘Eyesight Checks’ button displays the ‘Update Eyesight Checks’ area. The next eyesight test date will then be automatically updated. 
  • Drivers can download their own electronic driver entitlement checking service (EDECS) mandates that enables organisations to undertake online licence verification checks against the DVLA database. The option allows employees to print a mandate form, sign it, scan it and then upload the signed document.  
  • Grey fleet drivers can update their own vehicle and associated document details including; insurance, MoT and vehicle servicing information, Vehicle Excise Duty renewal date, driver licence information, business mileage etc. – giving a complete audit trail. 
  • ‘Favourite’ or most frequent journeys are remembered by the system thus streamlining the process submitting expense returns.