JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions in the vanguard of embracing paperless revolution
The paperless office is a vision of industry-leading asset and driver management software innovator Jaama and it has moved a step closer with the launch of a new module in the wake of the government’s decision to digitalise vehicle registration certificates.
As part of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) transformation of online services, a vehicle registration certificate or log book - known as a V5C - can now be viewed online by fleets that opt into its V5C on Demand service.
JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions, which operates a 7,000-strong fleet, is the first contract hire and leasing company user of Jaama’s cutting-edge Key2 Vehicle Management software to embrace the module and it believes, one of the first in its sector in the UK to adopt the V5C on Demand service.
The service is available to companies, including vehicle leasing and rental businesses as well as end-user fleets, with 50 or more vehicles that have registered on the DVLA Fleet Scheme.
Jaama’s new functionality is now live and available as an optional module within the company’s multi award-winning Key2 management system. 
The new module enables fleets that have elected V5C suppression to import on mass all details of those vehicles directly into Key2 and therefore have that information available for viewing at the click of a button.
Critically, suppression of the paper V5C means that the information is held electronically by the DVLA. Availability of the V5C on Demand service means a huge reduction in the amount of paper documents stored and administered by fleets thus cutting secure document storage costs and easing the administrative burden. Current V5Cs can’t be suppressed unless amendments are required, which means the DVLA will typically only suppress the document for newly registered vehicles.
The V5C suppression module was user acceptance tested ahead of release by JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions, which has been a Key2 user for four years. The company will join the V5C on Demand service from December having sent notification to the DVLA.
Systems director Brian Kirby said: “Key2 and the V5C on Demand service fits in well with our aim to become as paperless as possible by the end of 2017. 
“At JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions we already make full use of the integrated Key2 Document Management System, which stores digital copies of all business documentation, for example in relation to funding arrangements, customer requirements and manufacturers, in an intelligent and easily accessible way. Electing V5C suppression further drives the move to operating in a paperless environment.”
The V5C on Demand service is available through the DVLA’s View Vehicle Record enquiry service, which provides a raft of information on each vehicle on a company’s fleet.
When opting in to the service, each fleet is allocated a unique number. The identifier is added to all V5Cs of vehicles within a company’s fleet. The DVLA maintains the fleet list to make sure name, address and contact details are up to date.
Via the Key2 module, fleets are able to view information contained on the V5C 24/7 and request a registration document on demand when required. For example, when a vehicle is sold the V5C can be requested and obtained within three to five working days. View Vehicle Record also enables fleets to print a PDF of vehicle details that should be accepted in place of a V5C. For vehicles that travel abroad, fleets are advised to request a V5C as a PDF will not be acceptable in some countries.
Additionally, when new vehicles are purchased a marker is set against the fleet number when the dealer registers the vehicle via the DVLA’s Automated First Registration and Licensing system. JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions and other users then receive a daily electronic file of vehicles registered in their name for the previous day.
Mr Kirby said: “We will have a digital record of all the data that appears on a paper V5. Adopting the new Key2 module and opting into V5C suppression means our system will be up to date and accurate much sooner than previously. The vehicle record is secure and non-editable once loaded with change only possible via a new DVLA download.
“A daily automated Key 2 exceptions report is run to compare the contents of the digital record with existing data held in Key2 to automate the current validation process. That saves at least two days of administration work per month, further improving service to our customers. Within four years we will have no requirement to store V5 documents under lock and key.”
Martin Evans, Jaama managing director, said: “Our commitment to Key2 users is to ensure the software is always at the cutting edge of fleet management. The DVLA’s decision to suppress the V5C means that we have added a new module to Key2 which allows our customers to easily access the View Vehicle Record enquiry service and thus the V5C on Demand service should they elect to use it
“Government agencies such as the DVLA are increasingly looking to enable fleets to access services and information digitally. As that happens, Key2 will continue to evolve to enable fleet decision-makers to drive further administration and operational efficiencies as we move ever-closer to a paperless business environment.”