Run Your Cars has become the latest fleet organisation to take delivery of a cutting-edge online software system from Jaama.
Working in partnership with leading service providers, recently established Run Your Cars offers businesses of all sizes a comprehensive range of fleet management services and uses its buying power to deliver financial savings normally only available to major fleets to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Customers pay a monthly fee that also enables them to manage their fleet using the Run Your Cars’ fleet management system.
Steve Whitmarsh, managing director of Run Your Cars, said: “We surveyed the market and decided that Jaama’s Key2 Vehicle Management platform gave us all the functionality we required and would future-proof our business as we meet our ambitious growth plans.”
Run Your Cars is backed by Forward Group PLC, a privately-owned UK private equity company with more than £100 million of assets under management, which includes a FN50 leasing and fleet management company within its portfolio, which is an existing user of Jaama software.
Mr Whitmarsh said: “Having another business within the group using Key2 influenced us because it already had a rich seam of knowledge and experience of the technology that we could draw on.”
He added: “As Key2 is web-based it made it easier for Run Your Cars to provide online portals for our customers so they can access their own accounts and update information and view events through a browser.”
Mr Whitmarsh said: “We used Jaama’s consultancy service to help bespoke the software to meet our individual requirements and we will continue to take advantage of the company’s excellent in-life support and helpdesk. 
“We are very pleased with the functionality that the software gives us and our customers are finding it very easy to use. The system is extremely reliable.”
Jaama managing director Jason Francis said: “An increasing number of vehicle leasing and fleet management companies are finding it significantly more cost-effective to form business partnerships with software specialists such as Jaama than spend time and financial resource developing their own systems.
“We worked hand-in-hand with Run Your Cars to enable the company to put in place a world class advanced software system that enables them to deliver vehicle and driver management solutions that are at the leading edge of fleet management to customers.”