Jaama continues to drive into the plant, equipment and tool hire sector with its newly enhanced ‘MyVehicle App’ and Key2 Hire Management software system and will be exhibiting at ‘Hillhead 2018’.

The show at Hillhead Quarry, near Buxton June 26-28 is for exhibitors and visitors alike to do business amongst live working demonstrations and static displays. 

Jaama’s will be showcasing its genuine industry game-changer ‘MyVehicle App’ at the event which:

  • Works in tandem with Key2 so managers have all the very latest data at their fingertips to keep businesses at the cutting-edge of operational management.
  • Now features the ability of drivers/operators to both report any defects or ‘nil defects’ during their daily on site walk-around checks.
  • The compliance functionality provides an audit trail of all plant and equipment checks irrespective of whether any defect was spotted and is stored in the Key2 ‘defects’ area.
  • Has the ability to flag a defect as being a ‘critical’ safety issue, resulting in the machinery being marked as ‘off-site’ in Key2.
  • Allows operators to take a photo of a ‘critical’ defect and attach ‘off-site’ status to the item of plant, which in turn will create an ‘urgent job’ alert in Key2.

Many of the enhancements have been designed to help plant managers ensure legislative compliance by encouraging drivers/operators on-site to use ‘MyVehicle App’ on a self-help basis thus ensuring the streamlining of on-site practices enabling full auditing of operations remotely.

Jordan Thompson, Jaama’s hire software manager, said: “Key2 Hire Management is the most sophisticated system available in the plant sector. In conjunction with ‘MyVehicle App’, the industry-leading technology is helping Jaama to win new business and we anticipate that trend will continue across small, medium and large suppliers in the sector.”