London Mayor Sadiq Khan seems certain to press ahead with expanding and introducing earlier than previously announced the capital’s planned Ultra-Low Emission Zone and implementing a major early crackdown on the most polluting vehicles to clean up the city’s ‘filthy’ air. 
His plans have been backed by Londoners in record numbers – 15,000 – in a public consultation, the highest number of responses to a City Hall consultation ever. 
The results from the summer consultation revealed that 79% of Londoners consulted supported the Mayor’s proposal to bring the Ultra Low Emission Zone forward to 2019 from 2020 and that 71% believed it should be expanded to the North and South Circular.
Consultation results also indicated widespread support for the Mayor’s call to government for a diesel scrappage scheme to help Londoners switch away from the most polluting cars.
There was even stronger support for implementing an early £10 Emissions Surcharge (dubbed the ‘T-charge’) on the most polluting vehicles entering central London from 2017. 
The consultation found 81% supported the charge, which would apply to all vehicles with pre-Euro 4 emissions standards – typically those registered before 2005 – and would cost an extra £10 per day on top of the existing Congestion Charge.
The outcome of this consultation is being used by City Hall officials to shape the next round, which will start next month.