Jason Francis, managing director of fleet software experts Jaama, told us: 'There is a lot of debate from truck manufacturers regarding whether the AdBlue or the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) route is the best way forward to achieve the forthcoming legislation regarding emissions and Euro-IV targets. 'The only unbiased way to decide which route is right for individual commercial vehicle operators is to do comparisons yourself.

To do this though, fleet operators must have a system that is able to collect all the relevant information including: fuel, additives and maintenance, as well as acquisition and disposal, to give accurate whole life pence per kilometre costings for individual vehicles or groups of vehicles.

‘Jaama’s Key2 Vehicle Management system is specifically geared to manage HGVs both from a legislative and a management perspective by collecting information enabling fleet managers to make informed strategic decisions.

Key2 already has the functionality to group imported AdBlue information together with diesel to give combined pence per kilometre costings or alternatively separate the products to enable analysis of costings and consumption for the individual products.

‘With the functionality already standard in the Key2 system, this additional legislation should not cause our customers any additional concern.’