Organisation name: Prohire PLC
Fleet size: 2000 +
Software used: Jaama Key2 Vehicle Management

About Prohire: Prohire was established in 1997 by David Barlow and from early 2000 grew via a number of small acquisitions and very quickly became a significant operator in the commercial vehicle contract hire sector when it won its first major commercial vehicle rental and maintenance contract in 2004.

Prohire is at the forefront of providing specialist Contract Hire, Repair and Maintenance, Accident Management and Fleet Management solutions to vehicle operators throughout the UK and Irish markets. Improved management reporting and operational efficiencies are among the benefits that contract hire and repair and maintenance specialist Prohire and its customers have realised from implementation of Jaama’s sophisticated industry-leading internet-based software system. Prohire, which operates a fleet of more than 2,000 commercial vehicles ranging from LCV’s up to 44 tonnes vehicles as well as specialist vehicles, has introduced Jaama’s multi award winning Key2 leasing and vehicle management system.

Prohire IT supervisor Gareth Holdcroft said: “There were huge limitations to the previous system including its rigid make-up, access speed and accessibility to management information.
“As it was not an online system, management information had to be requested by customers and we would then compile the required reports. The system was slow, administratively cumbersome and labour intensive. Effectively it had been outgrown by Prohire’s expansion and desire to deliver added value to customers.”

Following a thorough marketplace search for an optimum state-of-the-art online system, Prohire had no doubt that Key2 Vehicle Management would ensure the desired improvement of internal efficiencies, further boost customer service and grow the business.

Prohire IT manager Jim McAlinden explained: “The benefits that ourselves and our customers gain from Key2 far outweigh any other systems we saw.”

Among the key benefits highlighted by Jim are:

• Customers able to automatically access information and download management reports to their own configuration
• A built-in ‘scheduler’ that delivers time critical reports at pre-determined schedules to customers
• A vehicle operational system that ‘talks’ directly to an accounts module thus avoiding data input duplication
• Improved report clarity for customers give them a clear snapshot overview of their fleet at any particular time
• Instant access to vital vehicle-related documentation such as MOT certificates and service information with no recourse, as previously, to requesting information from Prohire
• A robust system with a comprehensive, instantly accessible audit trail of vehicle documentation to ensure maximum compliance with commercial vehicle legislation.

Prohire Jaama Customer