In the first two months of 2018, the ICFM have seen record numbers of employees with fleet responsibility join.

More than 50 employees from a wide range of organisations operating company cars, vans and ‘grey fleet’ vehicles have signed up to undertake ICFM training courses.

Many of the new recruits have end-user responsibility for company car and vans at their employees. However, new ICFM members are also employed by organisations that work in the supply side of the fleet industry.

Jaama managing director Martin Evans is a board member of ICFM, which is dedicated to advancing the profession of car and light commercial fleet management through a range of externally endorsed qualifications. Jaama employees are also encouraged to undertake ICFM training with qualifications viewed as the de facto stamp of approval for staff with fleet responsibility.

ICFM sales and marketing director Peter Eldridge said: “Fleet management is almost certainly more complex today than it has ever been with a wide range of new issues impacting on the operation of company cars and vans and ‘grey fleet’ vehicles. It is therefore critical that employees either directly managing vehicles on behalf of their employer or involved in supplying fleet management products and services have a deep understanding of the issues, the background to them and the direction of travel.”

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