Jason Francis, managing director of fleet software and risk management specialists, Jaama, says "fuel" is fast challenging vehicle depreciation as the single largest fleet-related cost for companies so it is essential that fleet operators use every tool in their armoury to keep fuel costs under control and eliminate any unnecessary expenditure.
'Fuel card companies are very good at providing a raft of management data to help fleets keep budgets in check and ensure a focus on fuel efficiency,' he says. 'However, while fleet operators are furnished with the information, they frequently need help in analysing the data, particularly in respect ofhighlighting potential errors. The data from fuel management companies is reliant on fuel station cashiers inputting the correct information, for example, vehicle mileage. Accidentally keying in a wrong number can be a potential nightmare for fleets.
That’s why it is vital that fuel management reports sent online by suppliers are interrogated in detail by fleet software and any possible errors highlighted for further analysis by fleet managers and the accounts department. One of the keys to accurate MPG is ensuring • that spurious mileages do not get into a company’s database. At every stage a mileage is recorded within Key2 there are checks to ensure that the figure is valid.’
‘Drivers can log their own mileage returns over the web or on an intranet site and be charged an accurate pence per mile figure based upon the actual cost of fuel for the vehicle. This encourages drivers to choose efficient cars to drive in an efficient manner and fill up at cheaper filling stations. Even if generic fuel cards are used Jaama’s software can report on suppliers used by drivers, for example supermarket or premium brands that give driver points and a higher cost per litre.’
Recently acquired by the Fuelcard Company UK pic, Routemate, claims to offer the UK’s largest fixed-price network. Operating across the Red, UK Fuels and CH Jones networks and recognised at 1,300 sites nationwide, Routemate’s customers benefit from a tailored package – such as offering discounts at specific sites or restricting purchasing to certain goods.