Technology including Jaama’s multi award-winning fleet solutions – Key2 asset and driver management system and ‘MyVehicle App’ – are essential tools in driving forward vehicle operating efficiencies and reducing the administration burden for fleet operators.

Fleet management software should act as the hub of a wheel with the spokes being the data feeds drawing on information from numerous disparate sources into one central repository.

Effectively collecting data from multiple sources enables fleet decision-makers to obtain a holistic view of the entire operation and ensures strategic informed decisions are made with regard vehicles, drivers and journeys.

Add in the growing use of smartphone apps, that crucially deliver the ability for drivers to provide data back into the fleet system instantaneously, and it means that the availability and volume of real-time information to fleet decision-makers is unprecedented.

MyVehicle App’ from Jaama delivers exceptional levels of efficiency and integration with Key2 which is unique in the marketplace. It also helps employers meet their driver and vehicle compliance obligations by ‘pushing’ information out to drivers.

Martin Evans, managing director of Jaama, said: “Key2 and ‘MyVehicle App’ are revolutionising vehicle and driver management and significantly reducing burdensome manual tasks. Our vision, along with our customers, is the paperless office and we are taking huge strides to achieve this vision.”Key2 Dashboard MyVehicle App Jaama