Speedy had three key requirements of a new fleet management software system and after surveying the marketplace found that Jaama’s multi award-winning Key2 technology was unique in being able to deliver against all fronts.

In addition to having the capability to fully manage the 1,800-strong fleet with the gathering of “live” data from suppliers and providing fleet department employees with the tools to enable detailed drill down analyse of individual vehicles; Speedy also wanted to use the technology to validate employees’ driving licences; and required that it integrated with other IT systems across the business.

Mark Woodworth, logistics project manager at the Merseyside-headquartered company, said: “Key2 has enabled the implementation of a single system to manage all fleet, driver and journey-related data, vital for ensuring compliance and efficient management of a fleet our size.

“This will deliver fleet efficiency improvements as well as significant administration benefits that translate into improved productivity and effectiveness as information is at the fingertips of staff. There will also be compliance benefits and that is also important to the company.”

Speedy, the UK’s leading provider of tools, equipment and plant to the construction, infrastructure, industrial and related industries, operates a fleet of some 1,000 light commercial vehicles, 600 company cars and 200 trucks.

Key2 has replaced a software system that did not provide the flexibility, integration with other IT platforms across the company or ability for fleet suppliers to easily deliver critical vehicle-related information.

Mr Woodworth said: “We now have all information in one location, which improves administration and enables fleet forecasting that in turn improves operational efficiencies.”

For example, the ability to record “live” vehicle mileages enables Speedy to better predict defleet mileages. As a result, high mileage vehicles can be relocated and swapped with vehicles that historically clock up less distances.

Critically, Key2 has been built for the Microsoft.NET framework enabling Speedy to integrate fleet information with its new cross-company IT platform so the systems “talk” to each other with data, for example employees’ change of address details, updated in real-time.

With legislative compliance vital – Speedy was named “Safe Fleet of the Year” at this year’s Fleet News Awards and the recent Fleet Van Awards where it was also named Van Fleet of the Year (Business Services), and it received the “Fleet Safety Award” at road safety charity Brake’s annual awards – software integrations means, for example, updates by the company’s HR department, such as in relation to employees’ change of address, will automatically amend fleet data and, in that example, trigger driver licence amendments

Key2 is now live with Speedy and current modules used are vehicle management, commercial vehicle management, driver management and driver licence checking. In the future other modules will be introduced to further improve fleet efficiencies including potentially the ability to interpret truck tachograph data.

Mr Woodworth said: “Jaama’s programme of continuous development means that if a module that is created helps us as a business then we will look at introducing it.”

Jaama managing director Martin Evans said: “Through investment in fleet software businesses want to drive efficiency improvements and ensure their processes are robust from an audit and compliance perspective. They also want to reduce the time spent on fleet administration.

“Speedy quickly identified that our Key2 technology was market-leading and we have worked in partnership to project manage its implementation and will continue to provide on-going support.”