A £10 Toxicity Charge – or T-Charge – is to be introduced in central London from autumn 2017, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has confirmed.
The T-Charge will apply to the oldest, most polluting vehicles – those that do not meet Euro 4/IV standards, which are typically those diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2006. The new Charge will apply to cars, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and HGVs.
To help vehicle owners identify if a vehicle will be subject to the T-Charge, a free online checker has been introduced on the Transport for London website – www.tfl.gov.uk/emissions-surcharge.
Most fleets are unlikely to be operating cars that will be subject to the charge, which is effective from October 23, but some employees who use their own cars on business could find themselves having to pay. Additionally, some businesses may still be operating commercial vehicles that will be subject to the charge.
The T-charge (also known as the Emissions Surcharge) will operate on top of, and during the same operating times, as the Congestion Charge (Monday to Friday 7am-6pm), so it will cost £21.50 to drive a pre-Euro 4 vehicle in the zone.
The T-Charge will use a camera-based mechanism for enforcement, monitoring both diesel and petrol vehicles.